Cognitive Personal Training: LEAP Services

Cognitive Personal Training: LEAP Services

Rich Liotta, Ph.D.

Life Effectiveness & Achievement Processes (LEAP) focus on helping you develop a viable change plan, utilize your internal resources, boost motivation, develop personal success strategies, and modify behaviors and cognitions that limit effectiveness and achievement. It involves processes, activities, and cognitive exercises, tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.

My role as a LEAP facilitator, consultant, and trainer is to support and encourage your efforts to live effectively and achieve your personal goals. LEAP services are provided individually.  LEAP services are not psychotherapy; rather the focus is on helping you be the best you can be.  It is essentially cognitive personal training.   

 Defining terms:

“Effectiveness” is your capacity to adapt and thrive and manage the challenges life places in our path.  Effectiveness applies to all areas of life including, but not limited to, personal growth, relationships, career, and health. It applies to more specific areas such as time management, decision making, motivation, problem-solving, creativity, attitude, and management of our behavior and emotions.  Effectiveness can be reactive, dealing effectively with what is presented to you; or proactive, acquiring the skills and attitudes you need to achieve at a higher level than what you have now.

“Achievement” is successfully accomplishing desired results, including goals, objectives, desired changes, or desired outcomes.  Achievement requires proactive behaviors and executing the steps needed to accomplish what you have set out to achieve.  Effectiveness is necessary for achievement.  Effectiveness sets the stage for achievement.  Together effectiveness and achievement are about directing your life where you want it go.

“Processes” are guided cognitive exercises designed to modify cognitions, boost useful attitudes, enhance useful beliefs, increase vision and motivation, and facilitate an abundance mindset.  This involves identifying what needs to be done to be effective and choosing processes to help you achieve your desired results.  Each process adds a piece to the puzzle of what is needed to progress toward your goals and achieve success.

Guiding methodology:

LEAP is a Full Spectrum Cognitive Behavioral approach.  It utilizes change technologies, including Neuro-Semantics (NS), hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Many of the strategies of NS and NLP were developed by studying and modeling the patterns of excellence demonstrated by experts from the fields of psychotherapy, hypnosis, business, law, and education.  NS & NLP are about achieving effective living, optimal functioning, and excellence.  NS & NLP also provide techniques to help overcome the beliefs, emotions, and cognitions that limit us. They are also about changing and choosing the meanings we have, which direct our life and behavior.

NS also focuses on processes to facilitate self-actualization.  It is about transformative self-leadership; designing, accessing, and leveraging your personal genius. Utilizing these processes in combination with visualization and hypnosis is quite effective in facilitating change, personal development and growth.  Many of the LEAP interventions are also used in workshops and personal development trainings.

NS/NLP have core principles that frame its techniques. The five listed here are particularly relevant to Life Effectiveness & Achievement Processes.

1) People have, or potentially have, the resources they need to make the changes they desire.  The task is to identify and utilize existing resources more effectively or in new ways.

2) People learn very efficiently.  Sometimes past learning interferes with effectively dealing with new situations, but past learning can be reorganized, updated, and supplemented to meet new challenges effectively.

3)  The more flexibility and adaptability you have, the more choices you have and the more effective you can be.  If what you are doing is not getting you the outcome you want, change what you are doing.

4) The words we use reflect our underlying perceptions, thoughts and feelings; and -more importantly- direct our future thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  To change your future, change the words you use in communicating with yourself and others.

5) There are no failures, only feedback.  Mistakes are to be embraced, not feared, because inherent in our missteps is information needed to adjust course toward a more effective path.

LEAP Services:

My role as a LEAP facilitator, consultant, and trainer is to support and encourage your efforts to live effectively and achieve your personal goals. I can be your Cognitive Personal Trainer.  This service is provided by phone, Skype or in person.  It is not psychotherapy.  It is not covered by insurance.  It is outcome focused.  It is about developing plans and progressing toward them.  It is about tweaking your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to support change and accomplishment.  It is about living effectively and resolving problems, because you can realize change.

If you are interested or have questions, contact me.

Richard F. Liotta, Ph.D.


Certified Trainer of Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, & Ericksonian Hypnosis

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