Therapy & Psychological Services

Live Effectively & Resolve Problems, Because you can realize change.

My mission is to help you resolve problems and make the changes you want so that you can live a more satisfying

I am an independent practitioner. I live near Plattsburgh, New York.  I am a Licensed Psychologist.

I, Dr. Liotta, have been practicing for over 25 years as a psychotherapist and conduct various types of psychological evaluations.  Evaluations, including forensic evaluations and testing are the bulk of my practice at this point (2023)

As a therapis and a coach I utilize solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic interventions, hypnotherapy, and other strategies to help positive change happen. My skill set can often facilitate rapid change. It is my belief that people have the capacity to change their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I see my role as helping you discover your strengths, change limiting thoughts, find solutions, and feel better. I am trained in state-of-the-art brief treatment techniques, personal resource enrichment, change methodologies, and communication strategies. I utilize what I call a Full Spectrum Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. These skills are broadly applicable to
psychotherapeutic change, personal growth, relationship enhancement, and in just living effectively.

In addition to psychotherapy and consultations, I also specialize in performing psychological evaluations, forensic evaluations, and psychological testing. Typically services are self-pay (fee for service), rather than through insurance.

CALL FOR A CONSULTATION, 518-390-9640 or email me as described in the “Contact Us” link above.

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